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Frequently Asked Questions . . .

What is your minimum?

A minimum does apply:

  • $750 Monday through Thursday

  • $1500 Friday through Saturday

What is your location requirements when thinking

about Food Truck Service for an event?

When choosing a venue for Food Truck Service, adequate space is needed.

There must be an area that is flat, with no low hanging branches,

14ft high, 13ft wide, and 24ft long. 

Do you offer tastings?

We invite you and your family to join us at our food truck for lunch or dinner to try our food! This is a great way for you to ask questions and get to know Butcher & The Blonde's culinary style. Keep in mind this is not complimentary service. However, please mention you are interested in our catering services and we will be sure to accommodate a custom order so you can sample our goods. 

How can I save an event date? 

Your event will be confirmed when you have read, initialed, and signed our contract/policies, as well as supplied Butcher & The Blonde LLC with a $500 non-refundable deposit. 

What is a service fee and when is it applied?

A lot goes into making your event special!! Our service fee of 16% is added to every event. The service fee secures the use of equipment, covers the liability insurance fees, permitting and city tax fees associated with food truck/catering service. Clean up, site visits, trash disposal and so much more! Please note that our service fee is taxable as a service and is not a gratuity for our amazing staff.