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lucky lunchbox
by Butcher & the blonde  


"Welcome to Lucky Lunchbox – the ultimate solution for school lunch excellence, brought to you by the renowned Butcher And The Blonde catering company.


At Lucky Lunchbox, we blend culinary expertise with a passion for nourishing young minds, offering a school lunch program that exceeds expectations. With a focus on quality, creativity, and convenience, we're redefining the standard for school lunches.


Join us on a delicious journey where every bite is a step towards a healthier, happier school day experience.

school lunch program  

We are excited to introduce you to our delicious, easy and local School Lunch Program. Our culinary team has a combined 25+ years of food industry experience. Our nutritious school meals are made fresh every morning and delivered hot to your school at lunch time. Our carefully curated meal calendars make it easy and fun for families and schools to know what's on the menu each day for lunch!  With delicious seasonal ingredients, our 10-15 rotating recipes are chef prepared with your child's growing taste buds in mind.    


Butcher and The Blonde “BB” follows the Colorado Department of Public Health Guidelines for all age groups on portion sizing and nutritional requirements and recommendations. We also have our very own 7 year old on staff who has tasted and approved each meal! 


Meals Options :


Bulk Meal Delivery Service  ($5.00 per meal)


  • Best option for schools that have a kitchen lunch helper. 

  • Hot fresh meals are delivered in catering pans provided by BB, (portioned appropriately per meal count provided by each school.) Our staff will deliver bulk meals “hot and fresh” every day. The school's kitchen helper will receive the delivery, plate and portion food per child and/or classroom on school lunch trays. The school is responsible for cleaning the catering pans, to be swapped out the next day at delivery. 


Portioned & Packaged Meal Delivery Service  ($8.00 per meal)


  • Best option for schools that do not have a kitchen lunch helper.

  • Meals are made fresh every morning. BB will deliver hot and ready to serve meals in individually portioned packaging. This makes for easy self service and clean up. 


** Price per meal includes delivery



Payment Processing - BB invoices each school on the first of every month - each school is responsible for billing families individually. 

Meal Minimum - Schools must commit to a 30 meal minimum / 5 days a week.

Dietary Restrictions - Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Protein restrictions can be accommodated every day upon request. 

Milk - BB does not provide milk or beverages of any kind. 

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1455 Coal Creek Dr Unit B

Lafayette Co 80026 


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